Introducing the ICON Treasury: Your chance to own a piece of ICON history

Dating back to the ICO in 2017, the ICON ecosystem is now approaching 4 years old.

Over that period of time, we’ve seen a number of important, fun, and unique milestones in the evolution of our project and community.

And thanks to the development of the IRC-3 token standard allowing for NFTs, we now have an opportunity to memorialize some of the key milestones throughout the evolution of ICON.

That’s what leads us to the announcement of a project that’s been contemplated and worked on behind the scenes for several weeks now: the ICON Treasury.

The ICON Treasury is an attempt to memorialize the blockchain history of ICON in a fun and aesthetically pleasing way. The project has selected a handful of significant moments in the history of the project, including the original Mainnet transaction, the launch of ICONbet and TAP, the genesis of the BALN token, and a handful of others. These tokens will only reflect moments that have been inscribed upon the ICON public chain.

The ICON Mainnet Genesis Platinum edition.

Each transaction is imprinted upon a digital 3D token. Each token includes a brief description of the event along with the date and time on one side, with the transaction hash imprinted on the other side. The logo related to the transaction is included on the middle of each side.

Each event initially includes four editions of it’s respective token: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Platinum will be the most rare, and Bronze being the least.

Each NFT token purchase will be in the form of an .mp4 video of the token.

The supply for each token type will break down as follows:

  • Platinum — 10 tokens
  • Gold — 25 tokens
  • Silver — 50 tokens
  • Bronze — 100 tokens

This means that, for example, the token memorializing the ICON Mainnet genesis transaction will have a total of 185 copies.

TAP Token Genesis Gold edition.

Of the total supply, 80% will be listed directly for sale on Craft. 20% will be reserved for promotions and to reward early adopters.

BALN Token Genesis Silver edition.

In order to ensure as fair of a distribution as possible, each token will be listed for 15 ICX, regardless of rarity. This should give all ICX holders the opportunity to purchase at least one token.

In order to ensure further fairness, each token will launch at a different time to allow all timezones an opportunity to participate.

Details on the release schedule will be announced in the future. Community feedback is welcome and the project is open to changes and alterations to the supply and distribution mechanisms if there appears to be community consensus behind doing so.

Furthermore, the ICON community will have an opportunity to earn tokens outside of the sale process by participating in various giveaway and promotional opportunities.

To keep track of the project and to stay attuned to various giveaway opportunities, be sure to follow ICON Treasury on Twitter or join our Telegram for further discussion.

Own a piece of ICON blockchain history with your own NFT. Launching soon on Craft. Created by ICONOGRAPHER