ICON Treasury Release Schedule

With the announcement of the launch date for Craft, ICON Treasury is now able to announce our own release schedule.

The first ICON Treasury moment will be listed for sale on Wednesday, August 4th, at 8 AM (PST). The sale of each moment will be staggered to make it more difficult for one single buyer to purchase an entire collection. For example, when the ICON Mainnet moment goes on sale, rather than the entire quantity of Platinum editions being listed at once, they will instead be gradually added to the marketplace.

Additional moments will be released approximately one hour apart, following the 8 AM initial launch, until ten have been released.

A similar schedule will occur the next day (Thursday, August 5th), again beginning at 8 AM PST, with additional releases occurring approximately every hour until ten have been released. At this point, the entirety of the collection will be available on the market.

The specific moment (ie, ICON Mainnet, ICONbet Genesis, etc.) to be released at any given hour will be randomized, but will be announced as the sale is happening.

As previously announced, each token will be available for 15 ICX, regardless of rarity. This price structure, along with the staggered releases, aims to provide as fair of a launch as possible, making it difficult for any one individual to hoard any moment or collection of moments.

ICON Treasury is also excited to announce that we will be releasing additional details in the near future regarding additional incentives for owning ICON Treasury NFTs.

Meanwhile, by participating in the ICON Treasury sales, buyers will also earn $CFT tokens, the governance token of the Craft platform. For more details, be sure to read the details provided by the Craft team.

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